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Climate adaptation offers a bigger opportunity


Climate change will have disproportionate effects on communities that live close to the sea, affecting their ability to meet basic needs like water, food, and physical safety. At the same time, coastal areas will have an increasing role to play in transport, food production and energy.

We, at BlueO2, believe that creating resilient coastal communities is vital in the transformation needed towards a thriving blue planet. We see climate adaptation as a significant opportunity to evolve our relationship with our environment.


We create living examples of mutually beneficial relations between coastal communities and their surroundings. 


We take lessons from nature itself. By implementing nature based design, permaculture and biomimicry principles we enable people and nature to thrive. 


We believe humans care about creating a positive impact where they live, so we work with local leaders that feel compelled to create a better future for their communities.  

BlueO2 is an ANBI certified organization, read about how we perform due diligence in our Policy Plan 2021



Nature loves diversity and so do we



Founder and director

Zairah Khan is founder of BlueO2. She is a regenerative design expert with a broad background in design thinking, social sciences, permaculture and nature-based solutions. Zairah brings great energy and creativity; an entrepreneurial spirit; and an ability to bring people together in collaborative spaces aiming to serve the whole. 



Interim Secretary

Casper de Schevel is presently the board secretary at BlueO2. He has a great curiosity for future-oriented solutions and deals with them in various roles. He previously worked in the construction sector on circularity and now is a policymaker for the Province of Limburg, and chairman of the TVVL - Platform for people and technology - region Limburg. As a father of two children, he has two good reminders every day why we should create a sustainable future.    



Co-founder and treasurer

Kosta is co-founder of BlueO2 and currently acts as secretary and treasurer. Kosta is committed to the mission of BlueO2 in order to provide a better future for generations to come. He has longstanding experience in the public domain working on social inclusion and justice. He enjoys being outdoors in nature and loves both the Mediterranean and the North sea.



Interim Chair 

Clea has a sound scientific background in Biology and a passion for coastal and marine ecosystems. Her involvement in BlueO2 relates to her deep desire for humans to live in harmony with nature and her respect for the sea. She bring both curiosity and systematic analysis to the board.



Board member 

Grant Davidson has a design and business background, enjoying a 36 year career at Philips. During the last 8 years he has been providing his business acumen as an executive coach and senior faculty member at the THNK School of Creative Leadership. More recently, Grant has dedicated his energy in the service of regenerative practices, and the movement towards a more equitable world. He delves from his experience to provide system thinking and strategic facilitation to further the impact of BlueO2. He lives in Portugal in the coastal area of Tavira and in his free time he is rocking on stage as lead in his rock band.



We are currently looking to expand our board!

We are looking a new board member that is aligned with our vision and wants to support us in achieving our goals and mission. Specifically we are seeking a chair.

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