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Regreening London and The Hague

The world population will reach 8 billion people very soon and by 2050, with the urban population forecasted to more than double its current size, nearly 7 out of 10 people in the world will live in cities putting even more pressure on how we integrate nature into our urban environments.

With the knowledge and awareness that human activity is already the dominant impact on the environment, today architects, leaders, permaculture specialists, and many other people are putting plans into action to regreen and rewild our cities, rethinking and rescripting our relationship with nature and our environment at the same time.

This trend has only been accelerated by Covid since last year as it acted as a trigger to rekindle our relationship with nature and as we were forced to pause, slow down and especially recognise both the impact, we, humans, have on nature but also, in reverse, the impact nature actually has on us too and how important and precious it is.

So what can we do to regreen our cities and where do we start?

In this online interview, Zairah Khan, founder of BlueO2 talks with Lenka Moore of the Golden Leaf of London about co-creating regeneration projects in London and The Hague.

Interview by Ingrid Lung, The Earth Agency

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