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Strand zonsondergang

More than 200 million people worldwide live along coastlines less than 5 metres above sea level. By the end of the 21st century this figure is estimated to increase to 400 to 500 million.

Building Resilient Coastal Communities

For a Thriving Blue Planet

What makes us unique?

​We enable people to discover their ability to envision a better future and we provide the tools to take charge of it,

creating thriving and healthy communities from the ground up. 

Get inspired by our projects

​Our projects are living labs to investigate what a future looks like in which humans live in symbiosis with our surroundings. Combining earth care, people care and future care we co-create regenerative design.

How can we help your community?

If you want to act on climate change and re-wild your coastal area, we can help you identify regenerative solutions, find partners, develop and finance your project and realise your shared vision.

We see climate adaptation as a significant opportunity to evolve our relationship with our environment.

Climate Change will have disproportionate effects on communities that live close to the sea, affecting their ability to meet basic needs like water, food and physical safety. At the same coastal areas will have an increasing role to play in transport, food production and energy.  We, at BlueO2, believe that creating resilient coastal communities is vital in the transformation needed towards a thriving blue planet.




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