6th February 2018

Healthy Soils

We have found a revolutionary way to take carbon and pollution out of the oceans while regenerating our soils and helping farmers protect their crop from¬† drought. Our ‘AgriGood’ solution uses the properties of algae to enable soil to better retain water, create a favorable climate for soil micro-organisms and boost the soils natural ability to recover.

Algae are champions at retaining water. Using this quality to increase the moisture retaining capacity of soil, we enhance drought resilience of soils and crops. Helping farmers maintain productive levels while preventing soil depletion, desertification and restoring soil biodiversity.

In addition seaweed contains important nutrients and minerals that stimulate plant growth and microbial activity in the soil. By using the naturally occurring components from algae no chemical additions are required in our process and product. By using only bio-organic processing we further avoid the use of chemical additions. Our innovation is aimed at restoration of degraded soils as well as enhancing drought resilience and crop yield in agricultural production.

The project is currently in R&D phase if you’d like to know more about opportunities to collaborate please send an email to our info email.