1st October 2019

Policy plan


Our mission is to realise the full potential of the ocean to prevent and reverse the effects of climate change, while protecting her splendour.

Strategy and Policy

The foundation’s strategy is determined in the statutes: “The Foundation aims to promote and develop sustainable solutions for environmental problems in or near the sea. The Foundation does this through knowledge development, consultancy, capacity-enhancing, project development, awareness and promotion. These activities shall be carried out in its own management and initiative or in cooperation with third parties ‘.

The strategy is translated into practice as follows: innovative and progressive ideas that have not yet been or only implemented on a small scale, are developed by the foundation into solutions and viable business cases. The Foundation uses sound scientific research. The foundation has its focus on the idea and concept phase of sustainable innovations and does not see it as its role to commercialise a tested product.

The Foundation collaborates with parties that are oriented to the goals of the foundation and reserves the right to exclude parties from cooperation on the basis of idealistic grounds.

The work of the Foundation for the year 2019 focuses on conducting a project that involves using seaweed as a dietary supplement in dairy farming. The environmental gains are achieved by reducing the methane output by cows where seaweed is added to the diet. In addition the project is expected to contribute to a more circular form of agriculture and make better use of (local) nutrients in the sea reducing impact of the dairy production system. These activities take place within a consortium involving LTO, Greenports North Holland, CONO, de Heus, Hortimare and Wageningen University.
The foundation is currently in the early stages of a project in which seaweed serves as a basis for the regeneration of weakened and nutrient-poor soils. The application will focus on agriculture and on ecosystem recovery.

Financial Policy

The expenditures of the foundation are financed from direct income from revenue. Revenue derives from donations, legacies and inheritances, subsidies and donations, as well as other acquisitions. Obtaining profit is not an intrinsic objective of the foundation. Any profits will be brought into the general utility of the foundation BlueO2.

Management of the Foundation

The foundation is led by a board. The Board consists of a Chairman/Treasurer, Secretary and two General board members (stand 22 July 2019). Overseeing the policy plan and financial accountability are the responsibility of the Board. The Foundation’s commitment is mainly project-oriented. Its implementation is performed by an Executive director. The activities of the foundation must correspond to the statutory objective. The Board serves the Executive Director as an advisory body, and monitors the vision and objectives of the Foundation.

The administration of the foundation takes place under the responsibility of the Executive Director. With regard to administrative decision-making, the administration is prepared and maintained jointly with the Chairman/Treasurer of the foundation.

Remuneration policy and equity

The foundation has no remuneration scheme for directors. The foundation’s assets are monitored by the Treasurer and the board. The justification shows the financial results for the past fiscal year. Anno 2018, the foundation was still in the start-up phase.

The Executive Director is empowered to make budgetary arrangements with cooperation partners and sponsors. The Executive Director acquires income from the projects to be carried out, no contractual wage relationship with the board has been agreed.

In the case of a positive balance in the event of liquidation, this shall be devoted to a general benefit institution with a similar objective or of a foreign institution which seeks exclusively or almost exclusively the general benefit and which Similar objective.


The balance for this year is Balans 2018 BLUEO2.
2018 should be considered as a start-up year. 

The Board of the “Stichting BlueO2 ” consists of (stand 22 July 2019):
• Konstantinos Skliris: Chairman & Treasurer
• Paul Van Campen: secretary
• Clea van de Ven: Member
• Eszter Fuleky: Member
• …



RSIN: 857761845
Period: 2019/2020
Plan approved: July 2019