3rd March 2021

Future Garden

More and more people are aware of climate change, but what can you do about it and how can we make our city future-proof? We see opportunities to combine climate adaptation with mitigation through the application of regenerative design in public spaces.

To create a tangible example for how we can adapt to climate change and mitigate its’ effects we want to grow a green oasis for people and nature in the middle of the city of The Hague.

By co-creating a (climate) resilient design for a public space that creates opportunities for residents to connect with nature and with each other we want to achieve
• Cooling
• Improved water management
• Enhanced rainwater infiltration
• Biodiversity
• Opportunities for education
• Nature within reach
• Social cohesion and connection

The future garden will be designed as a living example of a climate-resilient green space and we will apply permaculture and rainwater harvesting principles.

Want to know more or become a partner? info@BlueO2.com

Current Partners:

DeLaRey School

Stichting Zebra

WZH Transvaal

Stadslandbouw Den Haag

Stichting Eetbaar Park