28th August 2017

Blue Carbon Standard

Under water forests like seagrass meadows, wetlands and mangroves store huge amounts of CO2. Seagrass in addition works directly against ocean acidification and has the unique capacity to store carbon in the seabed for eons.

However, we are destroying natures perfect climate solution and there is a silent underwater-deforestation taking place. In the past century we have lost 30-50% of these ecosystems. Each year we lose another 2-7%. When mangroves, wetlands and seagrasses disappear, the carbon they had been retaining is released into the water and atmosphere.

As a first step we need to stop the destruction of Blue Carbon and keep organic carbon in the ground. Our role as BlueO2 is to support conservation of Blue Carbon ecosystems by working  with conservationists, scientists and philantropists around the world in creating and maintaining Blue Carbon projects. By safeguarding Blue Carbon we create additional positive effects on nearby fisheries and more generally biodiversity in the surrounding areas.

This is how it works

1. We quantify the positive impact of marine ecosystem conservation on CO2 reduction, using VCS standard.
2. We market this impact to companies that want to compensate/offset their CO2 footprint.
3. By monetizing the ecological value of ‘Blue Carbon’ ecosystems, we increase stakeholders interest in preserving them and raise funds for their preservation.

By helping conservation organizations develop and market Blue Carbon credits we co-create a source of long-term finance for conservation projects. Our approach is not for profit and not for loss, meaning we aim for financial sustainability without profit.

We provide a step-by-step approach from project inception to sales.