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"We harvest the ocean's potential to solve climate change"

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our lifetime. In order to solve it we must look below the surface. The ocean plays a critical role in the earth's carbon cycle. The total amount of carbon stored in the ocean equals 50 times that of the atmosphere. About half the carbon emissions from fossil fuels are absorbed by the ocean (Source: NASA). More than two thirds of the oxygen we breath is produced at sea.

We develop, protect, and preserve marine ecosystems to create natural carbon capture. We use the ocean's resources to improve our food systems and reduce our ‘food print’, and we build with nature for climate adaptation and bio-remedies.

BlueO2 works in partnership with both companies and conservation organizations, who share our mission. They find in us a trusted advisor, or a committed co-founder.

We love, fear and respect the ocean. If we take care of her, she will provide for us.

Climate Sollutions in progress


“Growing up at the North Sea I am used to a bit of headwind.”

Zairah Khan is one of two co-founders of BlueO2. As a child Zairah has vivid memories of enjoying the great outdoors as wellbeing engaged at a very early age with the big challenges of the world. Her career path has been aimed at gaining the tools to develop and implement her bold ideas. For that it helps that she is terribly stubborn and extremely optimistic at the same time, while having a good dose of Dutch pragmatism. Her professional background combines psychology, development sociology, design thinking, finance and business. She has a double master in Psychology and development sociology. She has studied in Leiden, Paris and Havana and speaks five languages. But she learns the most every day from her two children who constantly remind her of what really matters. She is a practitioner of permaculture which provides strong grounding for working with nature rather than against it.

“Growing up at the North Sea I am used to a bit of headwind.” -
"The ocean provides and sustains us"

Aernout Aki Ackerman lived 8 years on islands and a large part of that in, around and under water. As diving instructor, dive centre-, and resort manager he has developed a strong affinity with water. Futhermore, he experienced in real life the impact of human behavior and economic drivers on the marine environment. He has been actively involved in projects concerning water (run-off) management, eco-tourism, marine park development, marine resource management, training and education. He has worked directly with local communities and stakeholders from both the business and political realm. Also water represents his personality, his approach to his projects and business development, and his style working with others.

"The ocean provides and sustains us" -
“I admire you, ocean, but I also fear you and feel responsible for you”

Ezster Fuleky Vitorino is a boardmember of BlueO2. She grew up far from the sea in Slovenia and has Hungarian roots. Speaking three languages before the age of two, she is a true cosmopolitan with a global outlook on matters. Nonetheless she enjoys a slower pace of life and connecting with nature. She has an in depth knowledge of conservation issues from having worked at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Netherlands office. Since 2010 she has been with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) working in several roles with GRI’s regional offices and corporate stakeholders. Currently she works as a Senior Manager, Sustainable Finance and Policy, where she has been managing GRI’s bilateral relations with governmental and capital markets actors including the World Federation of Exchanges and the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative. With her team, Ezster has built a knowledge hub of sustainability reporting policies and regulations worldwide and contributed to various publications on this issue. She holds a double Masters in Economics and Political Science.

“I admire you, ocean, but I also fear you and feel responsible for you” -
“There is still so much unknown potential in the sea to benefit our health and quality of life”

Paul started his career at an advertising agency and discovered his passion for marketing. After his studies at Tias (Master of Marketing), he worked for Pon automotive, where he held various positions including head of marketing for Audi Netherlands. He found a way to apply his marketing skills for good through Markaiding. As a Co-founder of this non-profit consultancy, he supports charities in the areas of strategic marketing and communications. What Paul enjoys most is human relations and see people fulfill their potential. Privately this means he spends as much time as possible with family and friends, enjoying good food and good living. Professionally he has found the perfect combination between people and marketing working in recruitment. Since 2016, Paul joined as Partner at Duke & Jacobs Executive Search.

“There is still so much unknown potential in the sea to benefit our health and quality of life” -
“The sea: every conquest takes courage”

Konstantin Skliris is chair and co-founder of BlueO2. Having grown up for a large part of his childhood at the Mediterranean, Konstantin (Kosta) Skliris is strongly engaged with preserving this cultural and natural heritage for his own children. That is why he has co-founded BlueO2. He has a background in political science and has worked at both the policy and the grass roots level. Having written his master thesis on geo-politics and environment he is well aware of the challenges of getting sustainability higher on the public agenda. In 2009 he was a candidate for the European parliament for the Green party. Since then he has shifted his focus to public-private initiatives and creating a more social face for finance through his work on social credit and debt.

“The sea: every conquest takes courage” -


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