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What We Do

Science based

We use and develop solid data and research to support our work

Regenerative design

Our concepts are inspired by nature and regenerative by design

Financial sustainability

We create win-win propositions for ecology and economy


A Symbiotic Future

In the past centuries human kind has behaved like a band of locust and we are on the verge of colony collapse because we have consumed our habitat. By now many of us realise that climate change is a reality that sealevels will rise, our oceans will warm and our weather will be more extreme. All of this threatens our health, food and livelihoods.

Where do we look for answers?

In nature there are many examples of symbiotic relationships. Like the one between fungi and trees. Together they create communication and cooperation that has benefits beyond their species.

At BlueO2 we are optimistic that humans to have this capacity. Because for the majority of our history, humans lived in harmony with nature.
To this day living in harmony with nature is embodied by people western society considers primitive. We draw lessons from cultures and people living in balance with nature. In addition there is a need to find new and diverse pathways by practicing nature based regenerative design in our present context. This marks a clear departure from our extractive relationship with nature, requiring deep learning, experimentation, research and collaboration.

BlueO2 therefore aims to be a Living Lab for Symbiotic Human Nature relationships. Providing opportunity for like minded people to create collaborative projects that combine head, heart and hands. Building a future that allows us to thrive at the grace of nature.

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If we want to turn our faith around we must not only restore nature but restore our relationship with her. We must look for answers within and around us.
- Zairah Khan, Founder BlueO2

Our Projects

This is what we do


Zairah Khan-Skliris

Zairah Khan is a founder of BlueO2 and works on realizing it bold mission full time. She is a relentless innovator and combines the worlds of design thinking, permaculture and systems thinking to develop real world solutions that create benefit for people and planet. She loves getting her hands dirty.

Zairah Khan-Skliris -
Kosta Skliris

Kosta Skliris is co-founder of BlueO2. His main inspiration is to create a bright future for his two children. As a part-time nature guide, he has a deep respect for mother nature.

Kosta Skliris -

Our Board

Eszter Vitorino Fuleky- Chair of the board
Eszter Vitorino Fuleky- Chair of the board
Kosta Skliris- Secretary and Treasurer of the board
Kosta Skliris- Secretary and Treasurer of the board
Clea van de Ven- Board member
Clea van de Ven- Board member
Desiree Driesenaar- board member
Desiree Driesenaar- board member


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