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What We Do

Blue carbon assessment

We assess feasibility and added value of integrating a Blue Carbon approach in new and existing conservation efforts.

Blue Carbon Project Development

A Blue Carbon Project is developed with careful consideration of local context, ecological and socio-economic opportunity.

Blue Carbon Trading

We create value and efficiency by connecting local conservation efforts and a global market.

The Blue Carbon Approach

Imagine a rich forest that harbours thousands of species. A forest that has been secretly helping us, by cleaning our air and water. A natural solution to acute problems that we are facing and that threaten the future wellbeing of our children and grandchildren. That forest exists.

Under the water.

The role of our oceans is instrumental in mitigating climate change. Blue Carbon ecosystems, like seagrass, mangroves and tidal marshes, are Blue forests that transform CO2 into clean ocean air. They are also nurseries and feeding grounds for many of the ocean’s species and they protect against storms and floods.

But there is a problem. Blue Carbon ecosystems are among the most threatened ecosystems on Earth. In the past century we have lost 30-50% of them. The main causes are pollution, overfishing, physical damage and coastal development. By destroying mangroves, wetlands and seagrasses, carbon is released.

By working with local communities to protect and restore Blue Carbon ecosystems, our approach combines climate protection with climate adaptation. Additional economic benefits include increased and more sustainable yield from fishing, better opportunities for tourism due to improved beach and water quality, and better conditions for sports fishing, diving and snorkeling.

We believe that by protecting Blue carbon ecosystems, everybody wins, including future generations.

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Zairah Khan
Zairah Khan
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Aernout Aki Ackerman


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