"We see an ocean of opportunities"

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What We Do

Science based

We use and develop solid data and research to support our work

Regenerative design

Our concepts are inspired by nature and regenerative by design

Financial sustainability

We create win-win propositions for ecology and economy


Our mission is to realise the full potential of the ocean to prevent and reverse the effects of climate change, while protecting her splendor.

The total amount of carbon in the ocean is about 50 times greater than the amount in the atmosphere, and is exchanged with the atmosphere on a time-scale of several hundred years. At least 1/2 of the oxygen we breathe comes from the photosynthesis of marine plants. Currently, 48% of the carbon emitted to the atmosphere by fossil fuel burning is sequestered into the ocean (NASA). This makes the ocean the single biggest opportunity to reverse climate change

However, the future fate of this important carbon sink is uncertain because of potential climate change impacts on ocean circulation, biogeochemical cycling, and ecosystem dynamics. Many of these problems are related to our growing population and our (food) production system; methane release from dairy farming, pollution from artificial fertilisers, soil depletion, mono cultures for feed and fuel. We target these problems and turn them into opportunities for people and planet.

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Our Projects

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"The sea is like a mother, she provides what we need but don't mess with her"

Zairah Khan is a founder of BlueO2 and works on realizing it bold mission full time. She is a relentless innovator and combines the worlds of design thinking, permaculture and systems thinking to develop real world solutions that create benefit for people and planet.

"The sea is like a mother, she provides what we need but don't mess with her" -
““The sea: every conquest takes courage"

Konstantin Skliris is chair and co-founder of BlueO2. Having grown up for a large part of his childhood at the Mediterranean, Konstantin (Kosta) Skliris is strongly engaged with preserving this cultural and natural heritage for his own children. That is why he has co-founded BlueO2. He has a background in political science and has worked at both the policy and the grass roots level. Having written his master thesis on geo-politics and environment he is well aware of the challenges of getting sustainability higher on the public agenda. In 2009 he was a candidate for the European parliament for the Green party. Since then he has shifted his focus to public-private initiatives and creating a more social face for finance through his work on social credit and debt.

““The sea: every conquest takes courage" -

Our Board

Paul van Campen
Paul van Campen
Eszter Vitorino Fuleky
Eszter Vitorino Fuleky
Clea van de Ven
Clea van de Ven


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